tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Nokon til å styre verda

Eg syns Jamie Cullum kunne fått lov te å vere konge over verda litt, i alle fall viss han innfrir lovnadane sine. Og kanskje ville han det, sidan han er musikar og ikkje politikar.

If I ruled the world,
Every day would be the first day of spring.
Every heart would have a new song to sing,
and we'd sing of the joy every morning would bring.

If I ruled the world,
Every man would be as free as a bird.
Every voice would be a voice to be heard,
take my word we would treasure each day that occurred.

My world would be a beautiful place
Where we would weave such wonderful dreams.
My world would wear a smile on its face,
like the man and the moon has, when the moon beams.

If i ruled the world,
Every man would see the world was his friend. Yeah
There'd be happiness that no man could end,
no my friend, not if i ruled the world.

Every hand would be held up high,
There'd be sunshine in everyones sky.
If the day ever dawned,
will i rule the world.

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Maren sa...

Veldig enig! <3